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Festivals of Nepal



Celebrated in July - August, it is a carnaval that lasts for 8 days, dancing, singing, comedy and anything that causes mirth and laughter.



Celebrated in July - August, it marks the birthday of Lord Krishna. On this day impressive ceremonies are conducted at the Krishna Temple in Patan and at Changunarayan.



Celebrated in August - September, it is a Hindu festival celebrated by women. Dancing, folk songs and the red color of women's wedding sari's are dominante the days of Teej. Women observe a fast, and flock to Shiva temples where married ones pray for a happy conjugal life and unmarried ones for a right husband.



Celebrated in August - September, the festival of Indra, the God of rain, is observed with great enthusiasm in the Kathmandu valley. The festival lasts for 8 days. The chariot of Kumari, se the living Goddess, is taken out in procession through the main streets of Kathmandu. The festival is specially noted of the masked dancers almost every evening.


Dashain (Durga Puja)

Nepal's biggest anual festival that lasts for 15 days, finishing on the full-moon day of late September or early October, and there are a number of important rituals right through these days. Dashain is also known as Durga Puja since the festival celebrates the victory of the goddess Durga over the forces of evil in the guise of the buffalo demon Mahisasur. Since Durga is marked by the biggest animal sacrifice in the various Hindu temples and homes to pleace the goddess Durga.


Tihar (Deepawali)

Known as the festival of lights, Tihar is celebrated for 5 days. It is observed in the month of October or early November. In this festival the people worship the goddess Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth. In other words, this festival is meant for life and prosperity.



Maithili- speaking people mainly celebrate this festival in the terai region all over south of Nepal. It is observed in the 6th day following the festival of Lakshmi Puja or Deepawali. Men and women take a dip in the local river, lakes and worship the rising and setting sun. This festival lasts for 4 days followed by fasting, praying and singing hymns.



It is the most impressively observed festival by the Sherpas and Tibetan communities. It falls in the month of February or March. The people organise folk songs and dance in this occasion. These dances can be observed in Khumbu, Helambu and other northern regions of Nepal and also at Bouddhanath in Kathmandu.


Buddha Jayanti:

On the full moon day Lord Buddha's birth enlightenment and salvation are applauded throughout the valley with celebrations. On this day, people reach the Stupas before dawn, go around them and Give offering to many Buddha images there.








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