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It depends on which areas and which time you plan to visit Nepal, however it is recomended to bring both warm and light clothing in the mountain areas or in Kathmandu valley. Preferable bring warm clothes (Nov-Feb) especially for groups going to higher altitudes. If you want to go on safari it is suggested to bring Khaki, green, brown, beige clothing as it could greatly enhance the chances of seeing wildlife in National Parks. Among spare clothing, several thin layers are better then one thick layer in addition of rain gears, sun protections are advisable. For footwear flat soled shoes for city sight seeing, and walking boots with good tread & ankle support is best.



The equipment check list that follows details the equipment you will need for your trek. Most of these items are available for rent or for sale in Kathmandu.


Equipment Check List:

• jeans or slacks

• towel and toilet kit

• underwear

• gloves or mittens

• sleeping bag, warm to 20° F, either down or fibrefill (or you can rent one in Kathmandu)

• parka, down or fibrefill, a ski jacket is ok

• sweater, wool shirt or acrylic pile jacket

• duffel bag, canvas or nylon, without a frame (for porters to carry)

• daypack or rucksack, waterproof, for you to carry, water bottle 1 litre or 1 quart ( be sure it doesn't leak! )

• flashlight, or headlamp

• walking shoes: either boots, light hiking shoes or running shoes, well broken in. As there may be rain, mud or snow; boots are somethimes necesasary therefore you should bring them despite the hassle .

• sunglasses or goggles, verry important for travel above 12.000ft. absolutely essential for treks. (protection from snow, snow blindness)

• hats, one with a brim for sun, one wool for cold weather

• socks - 2 or 3 pairs thick wool or artificial fibre

• shirts, 3 are recommended: 2 T-shirts and 1 long sleeve shirt

• pocket knife ( be sure this is packed in your checked baggage to avoid hassles with airport security)

• rainwear - a poncho, or you can buy an indian umbrella in Kathmandu for about $2

• slippers or sandals for campsite wear, rubber "shower shoes" are available in Kathmandu








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